anastrozole side effects

If you’re sitting in a room with seven other women, chances are one of you will develop breast cancer at some point in your life.

Although breast cancer is frightening, medicine has come a very long way. There are now new drugs and techniques that have been proven to minimize the chances of this cancer.

Anastrozole is one of them, and it is highly favored by physicians.

If you have recently been prescribed this medicine, there are a few things to keep in mind in regards to Anastrozole side effects. Keep reading to learn more about this drug, the likelihood of side effects and the effects themselves.

What Is Anastrozole?

Anastrozole is prescribed to stop or slow breast cancer. Recent studies have found the drug is highly efficient at preventing breast cancer in high-risk women.

For women who have recently battled breast cancer, it also reduces the disease’s recurrence rate.

Yet Anastrozole (also labeled Arimidex) has largely become favored by doctors for another reason: those taking it suffer from fewer side effects.

In fact, most women experience side effects that are highly manageable. But that doesn’t mean the medicine is side-effect free.

5 Anastrozole Side Effects Patients Should Know

Every individual experiences the effects of Anastrozole differently, but many users have found they prefer it to other medicines.

Always speak to your doctor to find out if Anastrozole is right for you or to report any side effects.

1. Bone Loss

Because Anastrozole inhibits estrogen, it also encourages bone loss. In a 2009 study, participants experienced 6 to 7% bone loss.

However, scientist note that this bone loss did not lead to osteoporosis and that it appears to be both manageable and reversible.

2. Vaginal Dryness

A common side effect of this medicine is vaginal dryness, which may encourage a low libido. If left untreated, dryness can also lead to cystitis and vaginitis.

Again, this side effect is manageable. Moisturizers and lubricants oftentimes alleviate this issue.

3. Joint Pain

While taking Anastrozole, you may notice joint pain.

Joint pain is a common complaint from those taking Arimidex and doctors are researching to find solutions.

Studies have found that large amounts of vitamin D and exercise may reduce the severity of symptoms.

4. Hot Flashes

Yes, it’s one of females’ worst nemesis: hot flashes.

Researchers aren’t positive what causes these occurrences, but they believe it is due to the lack of estrogen, which decreases the body’s temperature.

Unfortunately, there is no known way to discourage hot flashes. But here are a few pointers:

  • Keep the house cool
  • Wear layers
  • Keep a hand fan in your purse

5. Increased Cholesterol

Finally, this medicine may increase your cholesterol levels. This side effect is relatively common in breast cancer treatments.

Keep in mind it’s not only the bad cholesterol that increases due to the medication; good cholesterol also increases and triglycerides (fat in the blood) decrease.

To avoid any unwanted problems, exercise and eat healthily.

A Healthier You

Understanding Anastrozole side effects is your first step to beating cancer.

Although the effects may be discouraging, keep in mind that many women don’t experience negative consequences of taking the medicine. For those that do, there are methods to minimize discomfort.

If you’re ready to use a medicine that works, check out our low prices.

Cancer is frightening, but battling it doesn’t have to be.

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