Description How It Works

Research has shown that Hexarelin is one of the fast-acting Growth Hormone products in the market.

When it is given as a subcutaneous injection, Hexarelin works by activating the pituitary through a pulse. This action stimulates the secretion of natural Growth Hormone and ensures that it circulates in the body. It boosts muscle strength, development of both the new and existing muscle fibers.


Apart from those major functions, it also plays an important role when it comes to protecting the neurons and joint rejuvenation.


When there are high levels of Growth Hormone circulating within the body, the amount of a growth factor which is insulin-like rises. This factor is in the liver and it also has a role in muscle growth.


Hexarelin does not only raise the levels of Growth Hormone but also inhibits somatostatin which mainly inhibits the release of Growth Hormone. Hexarelin also has a potency to raise cortisol and prolactin production. However, for this role it is does not raise the levels too high as steroids.


What are the Results and Benefits of Hexarelin?


Being one of the most effective Growth Hormone Receptor, Hexarelin has numerous benefits. For people who prefer to use substances so as to enhance their muscle growth and body mass, Hexarelin is the best option.


  • A person who uses this product should get many results such as increase in mass, general body strength, recovery results and maintain lower levels of body
  • Hexarelin is a fat reducing agent. When used with other factors such as diet and training routines the fat burning process will be
  • Ghrelin hormone is the one that controls a person’s appetite hence is also known as the “hunger hormone”.


  • Hexarelin does not increase the levels of Ghrelin in the
  • Having a healthy skin is a goal for every person and Hexarelin improves skin elasticity. This ability makes it an anti-aging booster although it is not a long term option for anti-aging.
  • This peptide plays an important role when it comes to the release of hormone prolactin which is responsible for milk production in
  • Prolactin also regulates the body’s immune system and the development of the pancreas. Hexarelin stimulates the pituitary gland to release
  • Boosts the release of cortisol which is produced on the adrenal gland in response to stress and when the blood glucose level is low.
  • Increases metabolism
  • Research has shown that Hexarelin plays an important role when it comes to maintaining the heart healthy. It can heal the heart tissue and relieving the pressure at the left ventricle. This makes Hexarelin vital in good health maintenance.
  • Actual joint healing
  • Increase of bone density
  • Strengthening the neural system
  • Repairing muscle fibers especially after injuries



Administration, Dosage and Usage of Hexarelin

It is administered via a subcutaneous injection and comes in dry powder form which is mixed with bacteriostatic water. According to some studies, doses of 2mg/kg can effectively work. High consumption poses the risk of pituitary flair up.


The maximum recommended time of use is 16 weeks and the minimum is 4 weeks. Most users get effective results within 8-12 weeks.


Suggested dosage for vile size of: 2mg


Suggested Frequency of use: 1 to 4 times a day for 1 – 3 months. The time between injections should be 3-4 hours, last injection at bedtime


Where to inject: Injected into the body fat around the stomach area. Suggested Injection Dosage per time: 25mcg to 50mcg

What Type of water to mix with? Bacteriostatic Water or sterile water How much water to add: 1 – 2ml

Suggested How to Mix the water and peptide together: 1- 2mlof water into the syringe and inject it into the vial with powder, never shake, gently rotate the vial between your fingers until all of the powder has dissolved


Hexarelin Review

It has a great potential in the Growth Hormone products as it is far more effective compared to other related products. It is also less costly but gives a wide range of benefits to the user.